Choosing a Web Hosting Service


The main function of a web host is to provide a space for hosting websites on the internet. Websites are usually stored in high-powered computers or web servers, which run on very fast networks. A well-managed web server operates in a setup with an updated software, high bandwidth, high network speed, around the clock service support and strong security. Websites hosted in a web server are identified using assigned domain names. Domain names can be purchased at reasonable prices from various web hosting companies. The leading web hosting companies in the world include; InMotion Hosting, Media Template, Dreamhost, arvixe, Bluehost, GoDaddy and HostGator. Web hosting solutions are divided into two main categories, free web hosting solutions and commercial web hosting solutions. These web hosting solutions are slightly different, although some main features are similar.

When choosing a free web hosting service, it is important look at factors such as amount of web space, FTP access, connecting speeds and the size of bandwidth allotment. This is in addition to service reliability, type and size of files that are permissible and whether the package includes access to specialized software’s such as Perl and PHP. On the other hand, when choosing a commercial web host, the main factors to consider include; access speed, service reliability, capacity of disk space, data transfer rates and whether the host will offer SSL secure server. The other important points to remember is check if the host offers multi-domain and sub-domain hosting, technical support and recommended operating systems. Users should also know if service maintenance can be performed using the control panel and whether the host allows users to set up an email under the user domains.

Web Hosting Advances and Opportunities

Web hosting services are constantly changing due to the advances in technology and market demand. The advances are evident in areas such as virtualization, audio and video hosting, consumer personalization, webinars and web-conferencing, cloud computing and in the development of apps and real-time business solutions. The development of newer, more complex cloud computing solutions is mostly aimed at reducing the complexities that come with web hosting as well as user interface complex. The advances are evident on how Hadoop clusters, memory controllers, CPU and disks are configured, the use of specialized databases such as NoSQL and development of seamless messaging mechanisms. The other cluster of cloud based innovations are trained towards providing a more powerful interface between social media devices and cloud computing.

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